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Thank you for your interest in the Good Battle Tours of Israel! 

Led by author Cliff Graham, these tours are an intense and impactful experience. In coordination with our partner, Jerusalem Tours, we are able to offer more than the standard tour experience.

The emphasis of the itinerary is the wars and conflicts that have taken place over thousands of years in the land of Israel, from Biblical times until modern. The wars of the Bible are normally studied very little, and this is an excellent opportunity to not only visit the locations of these famous conflicts, but to experience God's Word in a unique light. Cliff is a former officer in the United States Army and is an avid researcher of military history. His perspective, along with that of the local Israeli guides he works with, will be a powerful addition to your Biblical knowledge. You will also gain a better understanding of the modern political situation in Israel. 

We visit many of the famous sites, including all of the major locations where Jesus did his ministry. However, the primary emphasis will be on the wars of King David, Joshua and Caleb, the Judges and others. 

We stay in nice hotels at kibbutz settlements that were directly involved in the 20th century wars and have a fascinating history on their own. We will learn how the Israeli Defense Forces defend the same land that David defended, explaining the challenges David faced 3,000 years ago and how they are similar to modern strategic concerns. 

Based on the activities we do, the normal price range to go on a tour such as this can be thousands of dollars per person. Cliff has always had the vision to make an Israel trip affordable to the average person, because he was blessed with an affordable trip early in his career and it changed his life. 

The rates for the Good Battle Tour will appear to be unusually low, and that’s because this is not the normal tour arrangement. This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot to get an incredible trip at an affordable rate. See pricing and FAQ.



We work with a variety of established tour companies and agencies to create the trips according to the needs of each group. More information is available upon request.

you will see

  • Where David fought Goliath.
  • Where Gideon sorted his small army and fought the Midianites.
  • Where Deborah and Barak met to plot the attack on the Canaanites.
  • Where Samson grew up and wreaked havoc on his enemies.
  • Where Jonathan and Saul died fighting the Philistines.
  • The caves where David trained his Mighty Men.
  • The mountaintop where Elijah called down fire before the prophets of Baal.
  • The oasis where David hid from Saul.
  • The Roman legion camps from the empire days.
  • The underground tunnels where assaults on Jerusalem were staged.
  • The archaeological excavation of David’s palace.
  • And many more incredible sites. 


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"This was truly a life changing experience. Being able to put color on the Bible by seeing the places I've read about for years brings me closer to God. Thank you Cliff for making this trip so memorable."

David and Carla Bailey / Siloam Springs, Arkansas