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The name Good Battle comes from Cliff's desire to see the Scriptures come to life for people so that they can engage in the "good battles" of the age right where they live when they return home. That they might better be able to bring hope to a hurting world by effectively communicating the Gospel with the new perspective that comes from boots-on-the-ground experience in the land where the Bible stories happened.

Led by author Cliff Graham, these tours are an intense and impactful experience. In coordination with the established Israel tour company Jerusalem Tours, we are able to offer more than the standard tour experience.





The wars of the Bible are normally studied very little, and this is an excellent opportunity to not only visit the locations of these famous conflicts, but to experience God's Word in a unique light. 



We visit many of the famous sites, including all of the major locations where Jesus did his ministry. However, the emphasis of the itinerary is the wars and conflicts that have taken place over thousands of years in the land of Israel, from Biblical times until modern. 


About cliff

Cliff Graham spent many years seeing men of all walks of life lack interest in the Bible and what it meant to be a man of God. He was passionate about catering to these men, and creating material that spoke to their interests.

I have had the good fortune of being able to travel and see a lot of places. None of it compares to Israel with Cliff Graham and Good Battle Tours. It was the perfect trip.
— Ted Kluck / Jackson, TN